What is the difference between yellow and white gold?

Types of metals mixed and their percentage influence the gold color. The yellow gold contains mainly 18 Karat, which means about 75% of gold, 12.5% of copper and 12.5% of silver.The white gold contains 14-18 Karat and is mixed with nickel and zinc or platinum, which give it bright white color. The red gold contains large quantity of copper; the more copper it contains, the more red is the color of the mix. In many cases, white gold is covered with rhodium which makes it brighter and more impressive.


What is a diamond?

Diamond is composed of carbon. It is the strongest and the most shining mineral in nature. Its formation requires very special conditions, which explain its relative rarity (temperature of 1,000-1,200°C and depth of 150-250 km). Colorless diamond without any defect is a perfect diamond. Quality of diamond cutting has great effect on the level of its shining – the stronger is the shine, the more beautiful is the diamond.


What is a Karat?

Karat represents percentage of the gold in the metal and actually means the quality and the degree of purity in precious metals. The higher is the Karat percentage, the more pure is the metal, and its price will be higher. 24 Karat is the highest quality gold which contains 99.9% of gold. 18 Karat gold contains 75% of gold, and 14 Karat – 58.3% of gold. The Latin letter “K” symbolizes the word “Karat”.


Do real colored diamonds exist?

Colored diamonds are formed in the same way as transparent diamond: high temperature, high pressure and great depth, but penetration of external substances or disruption in the process of formation causes color change. For example, small amount of nitrogen turns diamond into orange or yellow, boron colors it in blue, underground radiation may form green colored diamonds, etc. Real high-quality colored diamonds are very rare. As distinct from them, “treated” colored diamonds existing on the market are less qualitative. They were colored in different ways.


Rhodium cover? And what if it fades?

Rhodium is a metal of platinum family with light silver color. Rhodium is used for coating of white gold jewelry in order to provide to the jewelry silver-like tone and shiny and luxurious look. Rhodium cover tends to fade in a relatively short time, especially rings and bracelets, in friction zines. In this case, the rhodium cover can be renewed.


Tennis bracelet – where this name comes from?

 Tennis bracelet is a thin bracelet including diamonds connected in a row. The most popular bracelet forms are round and square princess, with space between squads or with squads close one to another. The jewelry got its name in 1987, when tennis player Chris Everett, who had been the world champion during four years, worn such bracelet with diamonds set in two rows. The bracelet opened and fell during the game, and the tennis player insisted on stopping the game and looking for the bracelet.


What is a solitaire and whether it suits for an engagement ring?

Solitaire ring is actually a ring set with one diamond only (mainly relatively big one), or with the central dominating diamond. Most of engagement rings are classic solitaire rings which do not depend on fashionable trends and will be relevant many years.

Is a platinum jewelry more expensive than gold one?

Platinum is much rarer metal than gold, therefore its price is higher. In addition, the platinum content is higher – only 5% of the alloy is copper, while in gold it reaches 25% and even more.