Jewelry designing

 Designing of luxurious jewelry, mainly made of gold, diamonds and precious stones.Purchasing from the existing collection or upon the client’s request, in accordance with his specification. The collection is mainly built of engagement, wedding and other rings for men and women. It also includes earrings, chains, bracelets, brooches, etc.

Setting of diamonds and precious stones

Most of our clients are not aware of great importance of professional stones setting. I set the diamonds and the precious stones by means of microscope which enlarges the stones by 20 times, which enables more exact setting of diamonds. Professional stone setting requires meticulous polishing of the gold surfaces on which the stones are located, adjustment of the stones’ form to the type of setting and fixation of the stones to the metal, to prevent their falling out or damaging in the future. I use such types of setting as prong setting, pave setting, bead setting, channel setting, invisible setting and much more.

Cleaning and renovation of jewelry

Jewelry becomes old with time and loses its shine and color. With minimal investment, it can be renovated, refreshed and cleaned. I’ll be glad to provide relevant services at my plant in the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan by means of professional equipment: polishing and removal of scratches, cleaning and washing and fixation of diamonds and precious stones, if needed. White gold jewelry loses its color with time. We can renew the covering using rhodium. The cost starts from NIS 60 per ring (in accordance with complexity of the work).

Purchase of old gold and jewelry

I can buy old gold and jewelry and pay reasonably high price, in accordance with the wholesale price. It is worthwhile to use the current high price of the gold in the world and make a good profit. We pay in cash for old gold and jewelry or offer trade-in (exchange old for new). You can receive a price quotation without payment and obligations.